Banjo's Cafe

What we are known for:

Banjo's Cafe prides itself on bringing you a down home family friendly experience with good food, good friends and a great home style atmosphere. Our menu from hearty breakfast's to get your day going or mouth watering lunch options giving you the fuel you need to finish your day without breaking your wallet in the process. Banjo's has and still is a Topeka staple winning top 3 in 'Best of Topeka for breakfast' for many years in a row.

Biscuits & Gravy

Half order of our famous handmade biscuits smothered in our house country sausage gravy made fresh from scratch daily.

Kitchen Sink Omelet

3 eggs omelet stuffed with sausage, ham, bacon, diced potato, onion, mushroom, green peppers, tomato and Monterrey Jack.

Homestyle Meatloaf

Mouth-watering homemade meatloaf served with buttery mashed potatoes with beef gravy with a side of green beans flavored with onion and bacon.

Food Menu

Banjo's offers healthy selections such as fresh fruit mix or cottage cheese for your sides, a wide variety of salads along with grill chicken to name a few. If seafood is on your mind then please try our breaded shrimp or Atlantic cod fillet's both served with sides and hush puppies. From salad items, omelet fillings to burger toppings our vegetables are fresh cut and prepped each day. Our sirloins are hand cut in house and burgers are pressed and prepped each day as well. Below is a short selection of our menu. If you are looking for more, then please click the link below for a full.PDF download of our menu or use the menu button at the top of the website.

New Menu Coming Soon


  • Pepsi Products

    Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, Root Beer, Sierra Mist and Lemonade.

  • Tea & Sweet Tea

    Fresh brewed in house tea. You can either get sweet or un-sweet depending on your liking.

  • Coffee

    Fresh ground coffee to begin your morning. Cream/flavoring and sugar/sweetener if needed.

  • White & Chocolate Milk

    Cold, healthy and rich vitamin D white milk or if you prefer chocolate milk is also a option.



  • French Toast

    Hearty Texas toast dipped in our signature batter served with powered sugar and butter.

  • Steak & Eggs

    Breakfast of champions. 8oz sirloin steak served with eggs your way and a side.

  • Omelets

    All Meat, Country, Denver, Western, Veggie, Kitchen Sink or just build your own.

  • Breakfast Sandwich

    Grilled Texas toast with 2 slices of cheese, egg and your choice of sausage or bacon.



  • Home Style Meatloaf

    Home made meatloaf served with mashed potatoes and veggie of the day.

  • Salads

    Grilled or crispy chicken, chef or shrimp salad served with choice of dressing.

  • Wraps

    Grilled chicken, crispy chicken or shrimp wrap with a side of your choice.

  • Burgers

    Fresh hand made burgers. Either 1/4 pound or 1/2 pound. Double if you desire.


Desserts & Misc

  • Pies, Pies, Pies

    We offer a wide selection of pies daily. Please call or see our in house listing for types.

  • Gourmet Muffins

    Apple cinnamon, blue berry, chocolate chunk and lemon cranberry just for you.

  • Oatmeal & Grits

    Piping hot oatmeal or grits to get your day going full of needed fiber.

  • Kid Options

    We do offer kid friendly options on not only breakfast but lunch as well.


Did You Know?

Because You Matter!

We here at Banjo's Cafe pride ourselves making sure our customers always feel at home and everything is to their liking. With us, you are more then a face, you are family. We strive to bring you the most comfortable atmosphere, the freshest food and beverages as well as top-notch customer service. If anything is ever not to your liking then please let your sever know, so we can correct it immediately. We love hearing how we are doing so if you have time, drop us a message on our Facebook or leave us a honest Google review. Thank you for coming to visit us!

Monday through Friday weekly specials. Call us for details or come in and pick up a flyer for the month.

Proudly serving our active military and the veterans who join us. We thank you greatly for your service!

Our breakfast menu runs all day and our lunch menu begins at 10:45am to keep anyone's hunger satisfied.

You can always call in your orders ahead of time. Give us a name and time for pickup and you are covered.

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